The future is already here.

I help people and businesses make it actionable.

For the first time ever, we don’t know how the world will look just 20 years from now. The only thing that is constant is change. One has to continuously Learn – Unlearn – Relearn to thrive in such a world. 

Martina Banyay speaks about how exponential thinking, emerging tech and cultural behaviours are changing the world as we know it. The mission is to inspire as many as possible to take lead and act.


My Services.


I give inspirational talks and lectures.

Below are a couple of areas I cover. Just get in touch and we'll arrange something for you. 

  • Basics on Exponential Thinking and Tech

  • How the Fourth Industrial Revolution is shaping the world of today and tomorrow

  • Exponential Thinking and Agile Leadership

  • New trends in Education, Science and Innovation


I talk about topics related to the future, emerging technologies, leadership and culture. 


Below are a few examples.

  • How exponential technologies are taking over the world - and how to get on the train

  • AI beyond the hype - What is AI, how can it be used and how to get started?

  • Why the skill for the future is Learnability - the expiry date of knowledge in a digital world

  • How to Lead in a Digital Age 

  • The Future of Science and Innovation


"We face the task of understanding and governing
21st-century technologies with a 20th-century mindset and 19th-century institutions."

Klaus Schwab, WEF


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