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3 tech trends to watch

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

I’m often asked where to start to understand today's rapidly changing world. My answer is really to start with what you’re interested in, whether it’s a certain technology, human behaviours or more philosophical matters.

However, there are actually three tech areas which I think everyone should pay some extra attention to. Because just like electricity, computers, internet and mobiles have changed our lives in fundamental ways, these three technology shifts will do the same. They are:

1. Artificial Intelligence 2. Blockchain 3. Internet of Things

AI provides smart machines that can see, hear, think and talk. AI can learn stuff on its own, without any help from humans. Just like electricity, AI will flow under everything without you having to think about it. It will help you solve problems, remember things, shop, drive, diagnose cancer, and do work for you. And it will also be your next co-worker as you will collaborate directly with AI:s in the form of robots and programs.

Blockchain is the next generation's internet, or the Internet of Trust as it is also called. With blockchain you can rely on a person in a village in India as good as your neighbour back home. You can thus start trade with anyone anywhere in the world. You can exchange money, knowledge, gadgets, likes – anything that has a value – in a way that's safe and where you know you'll get paid. Blockchain will cut intermediaries like banks, distributors, lawyers, e-commerce sites, service providers and so forth.

The last technology is the Internet of Things, or Internet of Everything as it is also called. It is an internet full of sensors. Gadgets, people, even lakes and forests, will be connected to the cloud. By 2025, there will be 1 trillion connected devices in the world. That corresponds to 125 sensors per person. Objects will talk directly to one another, and sometimes to you. They will know if you are going to have a heart attack several hours before it happens, and if you risk getting cancer many years before it's too late. They will also keep track of where snow clearing is needed, refill your fridge, monitor the quality of your food, empty your city’s dustbins when needed instead of out of routine, and turn on the heat when you are on your way back home.

AI, Blockchain and IoT are already here, and will only increase in power and importance over time. These technologies will converge and create a world that is actually quite hard to imagine today. So do listen up next time you hear news about any of them. And I can assure you that will happen several times a day, because things are moving fast now.

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