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Today, everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence. It's the new electricity that will flow underneath everything without you having to think about it. AI is already all around us: in chatbots, digital assistants, GPS traffic guides, smart speakers, facial recognition locks, autonomous cars, cancer diagnosis tools, surgery robots, etc.

Many people claim AI will be the most powerful invention humans has ever made, with both almost unimaginable possibilities and risks to go with it. You can say there are three groups amongst the AI ​​experts: The Reactionaries, the Digital Utopists, and the Move Towards Beneficial AI. The reactionaries are worried about the risks with AI and try to stop or slow down the development in different ways. Digital utopists don’t really see a problem with life becoming digital rather than biological, based on silicon instead of carbon. Those who want to work for beneficial AI both see severe risks and great opportunities with AI. The latter group has recently mobilised to proactively handle the risks of super intelligent AI in time. Although nobody knows if AI will ever become super intelligent, we cannot rule out this possibility and therefore we need to be prepared. We want to control AI ​​and not the other way around. If you want to orient yourself, Max Tegmark's "Life 3.0" is a great book to start with.

The other day, the world leaders and top expertise in AI met at the World Government Summit in Dubai to discuss how AI best can be used to benefit humanity. They started to define what needs to be done so that AI can be implemented in a good way on a national level worldwide. The goal is to use AI to augment humans, not to replace us. Human augmentation is nothing new. We have always tried to improve ourselves in different ways during all times in history. We have made us stronger and more capable by creating tools, taming bulls, spreading our collected knowledge in the form of books, developing pharmaceuticals, implementing health care systems, inventing machines, doing plastic surgery, using snapchat filters and so on. To augment ourselves by using AI is just a natural continuation in our strive to improve our lives. And now the world leaders has started to plan for how to move forward with AI in a more controlled way. AI is the most powerful invention ever, and it affects us all. What kind of future do you want? Jump in and join the conversation! Because AI will change your life in the most fundamental ways you could ever imagine.


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