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Sickcare becomes Healthcare

In just 2 years from now, the world’s biggest compilation of genetic and health data will be publicly available via the UK Biobank. Six drug companies have joined forces to sequence the genes of half a million Brits, giving scientists and drug companies a powerful tool for understanding health and disease. The Biobank is already out there, with a comprehensive collection of medical records, test results and psychological assessments of 500 000 volunteers. By adding genomic data to the Biobank, the value to pharma and biomedical science is expected to increase hundred-fold.

The possible impact on drug development is almost unimaginable. Having access to both medical records, genetic data and people’s psychological records and habits in a single source, will make it possible to work with health promotion, non-invasive disease treatment, genetic engineering and genetic drugs in completely new ways. And the fact that the data is publicly available makes it possible for any entrepreneur or scientist all over the world to make new discoveries and bring new breakthroughs to the market at a much higher speed.

Drug discovery is now quickly approaching a true genomic era, and sick care can finally turn into health care.


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